Author = Mohsen Mehrara
Modeling the Market Dynamics from a Behavioral Perspective

Volume 25, Issue 1, March 2021, Pages 21-31

Moloud Raki; Mohsen Mehrara

Inflation, Growth And Their Uncertainties: A Bi-variate GARCH Evidence for Iran

Volume 14, Issue 25, October 2010, Pages 83-100

Mohsen Mehrara; Hossein Tavakolian

A Hybrid Intelligent System For Forecasting Gasoline Price

Volume 15, Issue 27, May 2010, Pages 13-31

Hamid Abrishami; Mohsen Mehrara; Mehdi Ahrari; Vida Varahrami

Does Inflation Harm Economic Growth In Iran?

Volume 13, Issue 20, January 2008, Pages 44-56

Mohsen Mehrara