Prioritizing Target Markets for the Export of Iran Construction Services


1 Department of Management, Farabi Pardis, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Economics, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran




ire cent decades, the internationalization of trade and companies' engagement in the global market has been found with a double significance. Planning and investment to increase the share of non-oil exports in total exports and reform its combination to export of goods and services with higher technology are of approaches of vision plan that export of Construction Services is of its characteristics. Construction Services which are one of the major fundamentals in economic development of countries encompass a series of methods and tools that provide the possibility to supply goods and services within community by optimal use of resources and manufacturing agents including capital, raw materials and manpower. This study has aimed to rank export target market of Construction Services. For this, by applying Walvoord's target market selection model, the indicator affecting market selection using questionnaire have been determined, that 14 indicators have been selected, and weight of indicators have been calculated by incremental power method, and then the countries which have imported Construction Services from Iran in recent seven years have been prioritized by resolving linear assignment problem using software Gomez, of which Lebanon, Iraq,        
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan have been recognized as the superior countries.


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