Investigating the Impact of Tourists' Travel Distance on the Domestic Tourism Demand in Mashhad


Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR), Tourism Economic Department, Khorasan Razavi, Iran


The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of the travel distance of tourists on the demand for domestic tourism in Mashhad. Data used in this research was cross-sectional which includes 1388 domestic tourist families who stayed for at least one night in Mashhad City in 2005. The sample was selected using a randomized stratified sampling method and the data was gathered by an oral interview with the heads of the tourists' households and by completing the questionnaire. Using the AIDS model, income and price elasticities were calculated for six items including food, accommodation, transportation, having fun, shopping and souvenirs, and the impact of travel distance on the demand for tourist goods in Mashhad was investigated.


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