An Aesthetic View to the Relationship between Art and Economic Options or Theoretical Analysis of “Art Economics” through the “Impressionism” Perspective

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Economics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


A philosophical and aesthetic view to the relationship between art and the economic options or the blending of reason and imagination in the field of relationship between ideas of art and the evolution of economics hasn’t been under survey so far; while this kind of attitude to “art economics” has concerned lots of importance. Usually, in surveying of subjects related to “art economy”, valuating of artworks and the subjects related to the artistic – cultural products representation has been picked a lot of attention. In addition, in subjects related to art economy, paying attention to the works of economic of every artworks art is been concerned in an artistic field which created by such a complicated organization of artistic – cultural – economic and social actors and the media, interpreters, expositive distributers, users, government and private organizations and so on has a specific function in it. But the artist’s aesthetic perspective to the audience in creating different genres and styles by paying attention to his/her own taste in creating an artistic style which end to look deeply in “culture” and intensifies “the economic–social development” and finally, creates “relationship between art and economics ideology and their mutual effects on each other on the aesthetic perspective”, hasn’t been under survey (Rahimi Boroujerdi, 2016). This research has been tried to clarify blind corners of aesthetic aspect by involving imagination and mind around the relationship between Impressionism and economics.