Valuing Men’s Preferences Regarding Military Service Using the Discrete Choice Experiment

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Economics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.



The main concern of this research is to examine military service from the perspective of individual preferences. The study aims to determine the most important factors affecting individual utility in military service by evaluating preferences regarding attributes of military service in Iran using the discrete choice experiment. Location, department, type, salary, and period of service (length) are the attributes of military service under the conditions in Iran. The results of the model indicate that the location of service was the most important attribute for individuals, followed by the type, salary, length, and department. The individuals in question were willing to pay up to 570 USD to serve in their own city and 174 USD to serve for three months less. The results indicate that the most effective measure in reducing the disutility of military service is to avoid moving people from the city of residence for service. The results also showed that experiencing military service will not affect preferences regarding the ranking of attributes.


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