On the Inequality Effects of Fiscal Policy

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Corruption And Inequality

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Determinants Of Investors Financial Behavior In Tehran Stock Exchange

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ECO and Regional Trade

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The Impact Of ICT On Trade In Persian Gulf Countries

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The Determinates of Financial Development in Iraq

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Production Subsidies Elimination on Iranian Economy (Applying CGE Model)

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The Proposed Mathematical Models For Decision- Making And Forecasting On Euro- Yen In Foreign Exchange Market

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The survey of Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations on Real Exchange Rate in the Selected OPEC Countries

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An Analysis of Economic Implications of the UK Leaving the EU

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The Influence of Structural Changes in Volatility on Shock Transmission and Volatility Spillover among Iranian Gold and Foreign Exchange Markets

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The Optimal Allocation of Iran's Natural Gas

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The Theory of Concentration Oligopoly

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Inflation And Relative Price Dispersion: Evidence For Iran

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