Islamic Economy and Its Relation with Economic



The re-evaluation of the scientific method at the 20th marked the inductive method as the scientific reasoning. In the contemporary science, the falsifiability plays an important role. Particularly, the science is considered to be a collection of proposition which describe the observational realities which can be falsify throughout the empirical experiments. Economics as a contemporary science uses the falsification to falsify its own propositions through experiments.
According to contemporary science, the Islamic economy, on the other hand, is not categorized as sciences and does not posses scientific features. Furthermore, except for and prediction to study the human behaviour. In fact, economics comparative concepts, it presents a different methodology for the study of its propositions. In Islamic economy, there are fixed and changeable this economy to converse "what it is" to "what it ought to be" This system presents the best economic system according to human nature and divine rules and formulates the new concepts and principles. Comparative concepts of Islamic economy lack scientific qualities and explain the behavioral patterns that are based on premises.