The Determination of Socio-Economic Effects of Pomegranate Production in Sistan Region


Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran



omegranate is one of the most important economic products in the agricultural sector in Sistan region. This region due to dry weather, very low rainfall and frequent droughts and lack of resources for agriculture faces many problems. Hence, one way to increase agricultural production is to increase efficiency, So that it can help the economy of the region. In this regard, in this study, the effectiveness of pomegranate gardens in Sistan region is considered as one of the main product. For modeling and analyzing information was used from Eviews and Frontier softwares. In this study SFA method was used for data analysis. Data has been collected in Zabol, Zahak and Hirmand from 150 farmers in 2016-2017 year. The results show the technical efficiency the city of Zabol, Hirmand and Zahak are respectively 60, 55 and 67 percent. Also for the city of Zabol, age, experience, household size, number and size of garden plots for city and for city of Zahak, experience, size of household and garden, for city of Hirmand, experience are significant impact on technical efficiency. Finally, with regard to the percentage of responding farmers, will provide suggestions for improving them.


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