Women Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy: The Case of Female Borrowers in Pakistan


Department of Finance, School of Business & Economics, University of Management & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan


Access to finance through financial institutions is highly dependent on financial literacy. The basic purpose of this paper is to examine the women’s financial literacy level in Pakistan, especially, among women entrepreneurs. This study also tries to determine the effect of the financial literacy of women entrepreneurs on their access to finance and subsequent financial decision-making about their businesses. Current research conducted in this study used semi-structured questionnaires, selected interviews, and focus groups. Findings show that women entrepreneurs lack proper knowledge of financial terminologies, mechanisms of financial access, and government initiatives for women entrepreneurs. It is suggested in the light of these findings, that all the relevant stakeholders should work together to enhance financial literacy among current and prospective women entrepreneurs of Pakistan. Strengthening women's entrepreneurship may play a significant role to alleviate poverty among the female population of the country.