Volume & Issue: Volume 25, Issue 2, June 2021 
Estimating Social Discount Rate Trend in Iran

Pages 191-203

Amir Hossein Mozayani; Bahram Sahabi; Mehrad Asadi

Still Gap Issues of Education, Skill and Capital to Income Inequality

Pages 205-218

Sri Indah Nikensari; Purbayu Budi Santosa; FX Sugiyanto

Does the Level of Education Affect the Preferences for Prioritizing Health Resources?

Pages 269-278

Mohammad Hadiyan; Yaser Jouyani; Masoud Salehi; Ali Souri

Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Development and Growth Convergence in ECOWAS

Pages 293-304

Matthew Ogbuagu; Onyebuchi Iwegbu; Olufemi Muibi Saibu