Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 1, Winter 2013 
3. Comparing The ANN And Linear Regression In Estimation Of The Growth Model (The Case Of MENA)

Pages 69-91

Majid Sameti; Shekoofeh Farahmand; Keihan Koleyni; Roya Aghaeifar

4. Inflation And Relative Price Dispersion: Evidence For Iran

Pages 93-104

Mohammad Ali Kafaie; Amir Mohammad Moshref

6. Panel Causality Relationship Among FDI And Trade (Evidence From 16 Advanced Europe Countries)

Pages 115-133

Farshid Pourshahabi; Ehsan Salimi Soderjani; Davood Mahmoudinia

8. An Estimation Of Seasonal GDP Gap In Iran: Application Of Adaptive Least Squares Methods

Pages 157-177

Arash Hadizadeh; Ahmad Jafari Samimi; Zahra (Mila) Elmi