Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 3, September 2022 
Profit Efficiency and Technology Adoption of Boro Rice Production in Bangladesh

Pages 511-524

Hoque Fazlul; Tahmina Akter Joya; Asma Akter; Sauda Afrin Anny; Moriom Khatun; Supawat Rungsuriyawiboon

Impact of Village Funds and Number of Cooperatives on the Number of Poor Residents in East Java Province

Pages 535-548

Shochrul R. Ajija; Eka Mei Aminatus Solikah; Wasiaturrahma Wasiaturrahma

The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Jordan during the Period 1992-2019

Pages 563-575

Eman Abdel Khalek Fseifes; Elham Mohammad Alhaj Yousef

External Debt and Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Iran: Markov Switching Approach

Pages 577-594

Afsaneh Zareei; Mostafa Karimzadeh; Zeinab Shabani Koshalshahi; Zahra Ranjbarian

Remittance Inflow and Unemployment in Nigeria

Pages 693-705

Godfrey Ikechukwu Ihedimma; Godstime Opara