Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 1, April 2024 
Central Bank Innovations and Financial Stability in Indonesia: A Threshold Estimation

Pages 111-128


Cep Jandi Anwar; Vadilla Mutia Zahara; Rah Adi Fahmi Ginanjar; Stannia Cahaya Suci; Indra Suhendra

Foreign Direct Investment and Private Domestic Investment: Does Institutional Quality Matter

Pages 220-237


Rossanto Dwi Handoyo; Kabiru Hannafi Ibrahim; Wahyu Wisnu Wardana; Nina Wulan Sari; Lapipi Lapipi

Drivers of Female Labor Participation: Insights from West Africa

Pages 293-322


Waliu Olawale Shittu; Hammed Oluwaseyi Musibau; Habeeb Oladayo Adewoyin; Sallahuddin Hassan