Comparative Advantages and Sustainable Development in Iranian Manufacturing Industries

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Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Inflation in Dollarized Economies: Evidence from the Middle Eastern and North African Countries

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Income Convergence toward USA: New Evidences for Latin and South American Countries

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The Effects of Governance Indicators on Per Capita Income, Investment and Employment in Selected Mena Countries

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Causal Nexus between Inflation and Economic Growth of Japan

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On the Reservation Wages and Liquidity Constraint

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Regional Inequality in Iran and the Impact of Economic Factors: A Spatial Econometric Approach

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Perceived Equitability and Labor Participation

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The Effects of Infrastructure on the Economic Growth of the Main Sectors of the Economy of Iran’s Provinces

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Globalization and Financial Development in Nigeria

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The Exchange Rate Misalignment, Volatility and the Export Performance: Evidence from Indonesia

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Analysis of Single Currency Implementation in Asean+3

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Regional Economic Growth and Spatial Spillover Effects in MENA Area

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The Effect of Ease of Doing Business on Capital Flight: Evidence from East Asian Countries

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Spatial Patterns of Poverty in Iran

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A Relationship Between Income Smoothing Practices And Firms Value In Iran

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Dynamic Panel Data Analysis Of European Tourism Demand In Malaysia

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Fateh Habibi; Hossein Abbasianejad